ISO 22000-1:2018 - IT Services Management System

The speed in which the IT industry is increasing is immense and requires a standard that ensures that this increase is a smooth transaction.
The ISO 20000 is just that, it is a standard specially designed for IT Service Management and promotes an integrated approach to deliver effective services to meet business and customer requirements. It specifies requirements for the service provider to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve an ITSMS. It helps in Planning and Implementing service management, service delivery process, relationship, resolution and release processes.

The ISO/IEC 20000 is applicable to any organization regardless of its size that relies on IT services. this standard has a particular attraction to internal IT service providers, such as IT departments, and external IT service providers, such as IT outsourcing organizations.

Benefits of ISO 20000 ITSMS Certification:
  • Helps to Align the Information technology department with the business strategy.
  • Helps in creation of a framework for service improvement projects.
  • Helps in the promotion of consistent and cost-effective services.
  • Decreases cost and helps improve the operation.

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