What is IECEE Certification?

SASO is currently implementing a SASO IECEE recognition certificate for certain types of products that are imported into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, IECEE certification is required in order to clear regulated products to Saudi Customs. Recently, it was announced and notified to all exporters that all products covered by the SASO IECEE system and shipped to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be subject to control by the customs authorities to verify their compliance with the requirements.


What are products subject to IECEE?

·       Mobile phone devices

·       Cell phone chargers

·       Household electric pumps (less than 3500 watts)

·       Car chargers for mobile phones

·       Wireless chargers for mobile phones

·       Energy storage devices (Power Bank)

·       Mobile Phone Batteries

·       Laptops and Tablets

·       Smart Watch

·       Smart Wristbands

·       Display and TV Screens

·       Dishwashers

·       Wireless headphones, headphones and similar products

·       Laptop Chargers (Laptop Adapter)

·       All lighting products

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