Our Methodology

PHASE 1 – GAP Analysis:

Once the project contract is approved by the client, Qubix will assign designated consultants for the specific projects to initiate the work. The consultant visits the client facility and conducts a review of existing documents; interview the key management personnel, staff, and supervisors to ascertain the current business practices in the organization. Based on the information collected from the initial review, the consultant analyzes the GAP between what the client already complies with the standard requirements and how much work needs to be done in order to comply with the standard requirements. This GAP analysis report will act as the input for the completion of the entire project.

PHASE 2 – Planning:

Our consultant discuss with the client Top management and request to appoint a member of its own management team (“Management Representative (MR)”), whose responsibility and authority is to effectively implement the documentation provided by the consultant. Based on the GAP analysis, the consultant prepares a unique project management plan which gives a structured approach to project initiation, details about various activities involved, and time duration for completion of the entire project. Once the client approves the plan, the consultant initiates their work as per the plan.

PHASE 3 – Documentation  Preparation:

Our consultant prepares management system documentation based on the results of the GAP analysis report. Consultant develops applicable, necessary methodology and procedures/process flow for the management system and will integrate the same with the current documentation. The resulting documentation is fully customized, based on the client’s current business practices. Our consultant only introduces new or modified practices where the client organization either does not meet an ISO standard requirement at all or where current practice deviates from an ISO standard requirement. Our consultant prepares all the required documents and formats as per the specific ISO standard requirement and assists the client personally in implementing those documents & formats.

PHASE 4 – Implementation Assistance & Documentation Training:

The consultant provides guidance in implementing the management systems, trains employees to implement the documentation, and helps resolve any sort of implementation problems. Our consultant assists internal auditors during their first internal audit to induct them and help them prepare the audit plan, establish audit reports, non-conformity reports, and decide the corrective actions required. We facilitate a pre-audit and management review, including a review of the process objectives to verify the compliance and readiness of the management system for the final audit. At the end of Phase 4, the client’s organization is ready to face the final certification audit. 

PHASE 5 – Certification / Accreditation Audit:

Our consultant acts as a liaison between the client organization and certification / Accreditation body, attends the external audit to provide on-site assistance and facilitation of the audit, ensuring a smooth & effective audit by the Certification / Accreditation Body.

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