What is ISO 30301:2019 Management System for Records Certification?
Organizational success depends mainly on implementing and maintaining a management system, which is specifically established to improve operations while meeting the needs of stakeholders. Management systems offer the best practices to manage resources and take executive decisions that intend to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives. ISO 30301 was developed to help organizations implement, operate and improve an efficient Management System for Records (MSR). The latter enables organizations to achieve business efficiency, accountability, continuity, and risk management. It also enables the preservation of collected data in response to the challenges of today’s digital environment. 
Why ISO 30301certification is important?
ISO 30301, as a Management System for Records, serves as guidance for organizations to develop policies and objectives regarding records. By using its defined responsibilities, systematic processes, evaluation, and improvement processes, it assists organizations in achieving these objectives. The implementation of a records policy based solely on the requirements of the organization will lead to forming reliable information and evidence about business processes and activities. Moreover, the implementation of these records will be accessible to stakeholders for as long as they require.

What are the benefits of ISO 30301certification?

  • Global recognition
·         Gain competitive advantage
·         Promote the best records practices
·         Enables risk management and business continuity
·         Cost savings and accountability
·         Increase efficiency
·         Assist the organization  to implement MSR
·         Help the organization to improve performance
·         Help the organization to preserve data
·         Contribute to continuous improvement
Who can acquire ISO 30301certification?

ISO 30301 is applicable to any organization regardless of its size, type  complexities, irrelevant to relevant to a small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale company, Government or  Non-Government, Not-for-Profit organizations, etc., 

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