What is ISO 14298:2021 –Security Printing Management System Certification?

ISO 14298 specifies the requirements for a security printing management system for security printers. With the increased need for documents everywhere, it has also got necessary for the world to ensure its security in order to prevent counterfeiting and forgery through it.


By using this International Standard, organizations establish, maintain and implement security printing management system. Organizations adopt the strategic decision of design and implementation.

Why ISO 14298certification is important?


The public nowadays is immensely concerned about safety and security process provided for their valuable and confidential documents. Thus, ISO 14298 was implemented for the producers of a document of value like ID documents, Banknotes, security foils which are physically protected by security features.


ISO 14298 facilitates specific requirements and security features of the documentation process to all the suppliers of products and services that include printed matter manufactured. Its primary objective is to improve the security in concern to security printing and help to combat fraud and forgery. ISO 14298 had listed down all the major security procedures to be followed by producers of valuable and confidential documents and are audited comprehensively based on it.

What are the benefits of ISO 14298certification?
  • Customers are confident about the safety and security of their valuable and. confidential documents.
  • Protection from forgery, counterfeiting, and threats.
  • Saves cost.
  • Product quality is promoted to meet International Stature.
  • Benefits of International stature.
  • Enhanced quality of products, process, and services.
Who can acquire ISO 14298 certification?

ISO 14298 not only focuses on printing product but also the printing process. The ISO 14298 standard also covers hologram manufacturers and their specific process and is based on risk management.

What is the validity of ISO 14298 certificate?

ISO 14298 processes conduct yearly audit control in all the 3 years of certification to authenticate that a high level of security  is maintained throughout the certificate timeline to achieve the best level of security.

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