What is ISO 39001:2012 –Road Traffic Safety Management System Certification?


ISO 39001 specifies requirements for a road traffic safety (RTS) management system to enable an organization that interacts with the road traffic system to reduce death and serious injuries related to road traffic crashes which it can influence. Traffic Safety (RTS) is considered as a global issue, as the number of accidents that occur worldwide is constantly rising. This standard identifies improved elements of road traffic safety, which enable organizations to reach their desired outcomes.

The requirements in ISO 39001 Certification include development and implementation of an appropriate RTS policy, development of RTS objectives and action plans, which take into account legal and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about elements and criteria related to RTS that the organization identifies as those which it can control and those which it can influence.


Why ISO 39001 is important?

ISO 39001 sets the requirements for the implementation of a Road Traffic Safety Management System which ensures high quality and efficiency in road traffic management. Road Traffic Safety Management Systems were designed to reduce deaths and serious injuries associated with road traffic accidents. The ISO 39001 international standard is comprised with requirements that assist organizations to establish and implement suitable RTS policies, objectives and strategies. 

ISO 39001 outlines the requirements for an RTS management system. It provides a tool to help organizations reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road traffic accidents – resulting in more cost-effective use of the road traffic system.


What are the benefits of ISO 39001?
  • Reduce death and severe injury
  • Ensure quality and road traffic safety
  • Increase the efficiency of Road Traffic Safety Management Systems (RTSMS)
  • Gain expertise on reducing costs
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Help the organization to achieve its objectives
  • Ensure customer reliability
  •  Instils confidence in interested third parties
  •  Compliance with laws, rules, and regulations concerning traffic safety
  •  Reduce liability claims


Who can acquire ISO 39001 certification?

It is generic and is intended to be applicable to all organizations.

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