What is FSC Certification?

 FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL (FSC) was established in 1993. It is an independent body that sets standards for the world’s forest and forestry practices. This non-profit, non-governed organization is set to find solutions to improve management practices of forest socially and economically. Various standards have been implemented on the usage of forest products to make them eco-friendly.


The main motive of the Forest Stewardship Council is a sustainable development of the world’s forest in three criteria i.e. Social rights, Economical rights, and ecological rights. FSC label is the guarantee to customers that the material used is eco-friendly and comes from a well-managed forest.


To be FSC certified, the examination of a chain of wood (raw material) from the forest to a customer must be checked to demonstrate its origination. This is (CoC) i.e. Chain of Custody. Chain of Custody Certification (CoC) verifies that the materials and products used in the manufacturing process are genuinely manufactured from the harvested forest at the initial level.


Why FSC is important?

FSC logo on the products indicates they are truly FSC Certified. Major environmental groups consider the FSC logo as the “Gold Standard” of forest Certification as it ensures the product’s traceability from the forest’s view of point. The FSC (CoC) checks the traceability of products at every stage from processing, manufacturing, transportation, and distribution that material is FSC certified.


What are the benefits of FSC Certification?

·         Increase their approach multiple times by enhancing credibility

·         Greater brand benefit

·         Standard Increases in the market

·          Reduces the chances of being illegal, and more.


Who can acquire FSC Certification?


   Industries in wood processing, pulp and paper, packaging, and printing can get FSC certified.

What is the validity of FSC Certification?

FSC certification lasts for 5 years from the date of issue. It can be re-issued by the accredited certification body by conducting an annual audit through surveillance.

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