Management System Maintenance Services by Qubix

Qubix takes care of clients' initial and post-certification requirements. Once the organization is ISO certified, we make sure that our client continues getting benefits from our post certification services to continually improve the effectiveness of the system and maintain the compliance level required to ensure that regular surveillance audits and recertification audit is completed without any setback.


We assist our clients not only in acquiring new certifications but also cater to other valuable services through maintenance contracts based on the client requirement. Irrespective of the type of certification and certification body from which the client gets certified, we offer some of the following valuable maintenance services on various Management systems.

1. Internal audit & Management Review Meeting

Internal audit and Management review meetings are the two important activities that need to be completed as per the defined frequency and the related records shall be maintained, which is mandatory for surveillance audit or customer audit.

Our consultant helps the client in conducting the internal audit(s) as per their certified/ accredited standards and prepares required documents and records to meet the internal audit requirements and closes the Non-conformance if any raised during the internal audit(s). Also, conduct Management review meetings and prepare required minutes of MRM in line with defined procedures/standards.

2. Assist in completion of Certification / accreditation body / customer audits and closing Non-Conformity Reports (NCR’s)

Once certified, the organization has to face the surveillance audit/ periodical audit from the certification/ accreditation body on yearly basis and also sometimes has to face customer audits. In such cases, the auditor may issue Non-conformance on certain processes, which may need more clarity for closing it. We assist in closing such NCR’s issued by the certification/ accreditation/ customer audits by preparing necessary documents/records, and objective evidence and also to eliminating such non-conformance in near future and providing training to the concerned person if required.

3. Annual Maintenance Contract / Periodical System Maintenance
Initially, the client gets certified and during the course of time may not possess the required resources,(knowledgeable persons) to take care / look after the certified management systems. We, qubix, get into yearly/biyearly AMC contracts with the client and provide qualified resources (consultants) to maintain the management system documentation and fulfill the required aspects as per the certified standard(s).

Our consultant conduct regular visits ( as per contract)  to the client's place and perform all required activities, like conducting Internal audit & Management review meeting, document review and updating, imparting training, and coordinating with the certification/accreditation body for fixing periodical audits. Our consultant also present for the certification/ accreditation / customer audits and assist in closing  the Non-conformances , if any raised during the audit.  

Our exhaustive portfolio on the complete range of ISO standards and competence of our consultants makes us one stop solution provider for maintaining & managing all kind of ISO management systems.

4. Conducting Supplier(s) compliance/qualification audit

The organization (Client) will be having many suppliers, who may supply products or services. In order to meet the organization's goal, vision, and Mission, the Organization(Client)  expects their supplier to meet certain parameters which is more vital for their core business operation. Normally, the organization (Client)  issues their requirement checklist to the supplier and insists they fulfill the requirements in order to qualify them as a supplier. Also, Organization (Client) conducts supplier compliance audits at their premises to verify their level of compliance against the defined requirement checklist. If the supplier meets the applicable requirement, the organization qualifies them as Approved Supplier and starts issuing further orders as per the approved scope of supply of products/ services.


Sometimes, the organization (Client) may require qualified resources or unbiased resources to conduct supplier audits in order to get the exact status of the supplier without any compromises. We, qubix, provide well-qualified resources for conducting the supplier audit and provide the audit report as required by the client. We also assist in preparing a well-defined checklist for performing the supplier compliance audit, if required.  We also conduct periodical supplier audits, at defied intervals as per the client requirement and submit the reports as required.

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