What is ECAS- Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme?        

The Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme or ECAS is a Product Certification scheme for government-regulated products as mandated by the Federal Law 28 of 2001.

Under this scheme, all regulated products must meet the requirements for safety and quality specified in the Technical Regulations adopted by the UAE government.

Suppliers must register the products and obtain a Certificate of Conformity prior to selling inside the UAE.


The ECAS Certificate is

·  A proof that the product has been approved by the Federal Government through ESMA

·  One of the documents required when clearing shipments from Ports and Customs Authorities

·  The Renewal application is required one month before the expiration of the certificate.

What are the Product Categories Certified under ECAS?
  •  Hand-held motor-operated electric tools
  • Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes   
  • Laser products
  • Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installation
  •  Lamp Control Gear
  • Audio, Video Products
  •  Lighting Products
  • Conducts
  • Sound Signaling devices
  • AC and DC LOW Voltage Wires and Cables
  • Gas Powered Ovens & Cooking Ranges
  • Commercial and Central Air conditioning System
  • Diesel (Gas Oil)
  • Lubricating Oils
  •  Energy drinks
  • Perfumes
  •  Detergent
  •  Cosmetics and Personal care Products
  •  Food Contact Material
  • Water fixture
How long is an ECAS certificate valid?

ECAS Certificate is Valid within one year upon issuance for the certified products only. 

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