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ISO 10001:2007 - Customer satisfaction Management System
ISO 10002:2004 - Complaint Handling System

In today’s competitive world the organizations that are proactive in managing their customers go a long way in establishing themselves as industry leaders. The best way to achieve this leadership is have an efficient customer satisfaction management system and an effective customer complaint handling system.

ISO 10001 is the standard for how an organization manages it’s customer satisfaction process and           ISO 10002 talks about how an organization manages it’s complaint handling system.

This guidelines draws focus on :
  • Designing Customer Feedback / complaint handling system
  • Interpretation of the feedback parameters / complaint parameters
  • Data Analysis of the feedback / complaint root cause
  • Continual Improvement projects based on the feedback / corrective actions.

Benefits of  ISO 10001:2007
  • Retains and enhances the loyalty of customers.
  • Demonstrates a real commitment to managing customer care issues and processes in place to handle, analyse and review complaints.
  • Ensures a consistent approach to handle customer queries, enabling to identify trends and eliminate the causes of complaints, as well as improve organization’s operations.
  • Helps to adopt a customer-focused approach to resolving complaints and encourage personnel to improve their skills in working with customers.
  • Add value and efficiency to organization.
  • Provides a basis for continual review and analysis of complaints-handling process, the resolution of complaints and where improvements can be made.
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