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Qubix Management services is the authorized Consulting & Marketing agents for DRYAIR branded container desiccants manufactured by DRY-AIR  TECHNOLOGIES ,India . Dry Air Container Desiccants are specially designed for Shipping Export Containers for preventing the goods from moisture and container rain damages. Dry Air Container Desiccant controls humidity inside the container through continuously adsorbing the moisture from the enclosed air. Our desiccant is designed to hold the moisture and not release it back into the container's climate, Safe transit of your export goods.


Substances that remove moisture from the air are called desiccants. The most widely used desiccants are probably silica gel, a kind of porous glassy substance that adsorbs moisture well under the right conditions. When used in containers they are fatally flawed in that they work best at room temperature, and not at all at the much higher temperatures often found in containers. Other widely used desiccants based on dried clay work to a little higher temperature, but then similarly fail in an even more dramatic way.

The worst case is when the desiccant is already fully charged and then meet high temperature, followed by low temperature, eg as a result of a day and night cycle when the container is on the quayside. Much of the moisture absorbed is then first re-evaporated and then rained out. Sometimes the container will look as someone threw a bucket of water inside the container, and wet moldy desiccant bags are a common sight.

Advantages of Dry Air Container Desiccants:

Dry Air Desiccants are specially designed and formulated with food grade ingredients for shipping containers, which is based on calcium chloride, have a vigorous absorption over a large temperature range. Only calcium chloride absorbers, such as Dry Air desiccant, that sequester the absorbed moisture to keep it from contact with the air are free of this problem.

The absorption capacity of the Dry Air desiccants is 8 -10 times more than the silica gel. Dry Air Desiccant will absorb the moisture and will hold inside the packets in the form of a thick gel which will not return the moisture to the air at even high temperatures at the time of sea voyage. The Dry Air Desiccants are well packed in the special material called Tyvek which is a best Product from DUPONT and with PP spun bond nonwoven. The absorbed moisture will be stacked inside the Dry Air Packets which will not be let off due to the nature of the Tyvek and having a high surface contact with air.

Also the installation of the desiccants is very simple as just simply hang on the side of the inside container walls with its secure hook. This can be disposed as a normal waste after its usage. The container voyage is often only a part, albeit usually the worst part, of the logistic chain. It is often necessary to put desiccants inside the package as well as in the container. Since the packages are usually less subject to extreme temperature conditions, silica gels and dried clay desiccant will work well inside the packages. The amount required depends on the outside moisture conditions and the surface area of the package.

The important thing to remember is that a small package has a greater surface area in relation to its volume than a large package has and thus requires relatively more desiccants. Putting boxes into a pallet, creates a large package from many small packages, and thus greatly reduces the required quantity of desiccants.


  • Prevents Moisture, Condensation damages, Container Sweat, Container Rain while Sea Transport
  • Low expenses than Silica Gel Per container
  • Absorption more than 200%
  • Non - toxic and Eco friendly
  • Long Lasting until the complete voyage
  • No DMF
  • Leak proof - dual layer packed
  • Easy Installation


  • Ocean, truck and air shipping containers.
  • Protection of agricultural commodities, furniture, auto parts, machinery, metal products, corrugated boxes, wood, textiles, leather goods, food products, coffee, cocoa, pet food, canned goods, bottled products, and many other products.
  • Ideal for boats and RV's as well as other long term storage applications.
  • For all other containerized goods
For more details look into www.dryairdesicccant.com
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